B&C Transit, Inc. - Trilogy Battery Chargers

B&C Transit, Inc.

B&C Transit, Inc. founded Trilogy Products on the need for higher quality industrial electronic products. Their Trilogy Products brand parts are of the highest quality and made in the USA.

Trilogy Charger

Trilogy 12V or 24V Battery Charger

The Trilogy Battery Charger is designed to be extremely efficient (87% typical) and light weight (less than 10 lbs.). It meets all the AREMA design criteria, Class C standards for temperature, shock and vibration, EMC and dielectric strength.

  • 10.5 – 18 VDC / 480W Output or 20 -36 VDC / 720W
  • 108-132 or 208-264 VAC Input
  • AREMA Class C Compliant
  • -40 C…+70C Operating Temperature
  • Alarm Relay Contacts
  • Ethernet and USB ports
  • 12″ W x 11″ H x 3.6″ D



The Trilogy Battery Management System (BMS) allows the user to monitor a battery bank (up to 12 cells), either Lead Acid or NiCad. The BMS accepts inputs from a series string of battery cells and passes that information to any Trilogy Battery Charger through a COM Port. Each battery cell is monitored individually and logged via the Trilogy Battery Charger.

  • Network Monitoring of Batteries, Manages up to 12 Cells
  • COM Port Connection to Charger
  • 12 bi-color LED’s for cell health
  • 3 channel display for cell voltage
  • Relay contact for alarming
  • Meets AREMA C Standard
Trilogy Load


The Trilogy Battery Management System (BMS) Load is designed to provide an external load for battery systems that require load testing. The BMS Load provides an interface to the Trilogy Products Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS Load allows for the battery to be tested remotely if desired. If the battery is fully charged and not under load, the user can perform the test to determine if the AH rating of the battery is acceptable.

  • Provides up to an 85W load
  • Loads 12V – 18V, 18V – 24V or 28V – 36V batteries
  • 2-pin interface to Trilogy BMS
  • Meets AREMA Class C Standard


The Trilogy Products SiLoggerMini is the small form factor alternative to the DataLoggerXL. The SiLoggerMini has been developed specifically for the transit/rail industry but is suitable for other industrial/commercial applications where event recording is performed over a serial interface.

  • Small form factor, DIN rail mount
  • Trouble alarm relay contact
  • Configurable relay output contact
  • Isolated Digital Inputs & Analog Outputs
  • Meets AREMA Class C Standard


The SiLoggerXL rugged Data Logger module reads electrically isolated digital and analog inputs. Closed contact relay outputs are provided for maximum output flexibility. The SiLoggerXL shares the states of these I/O points with a user’s device using RS232 serial or Ethernet communications.

  • 48 Digital inputs
  • 8 Analog inputs
  • 12 Relay outputs
  • RS232, Ethernet and USB
  • Genisys, Data Train 8 & Microlok II Peer protocols