Shawnee Power - DC Generators

Shawnee Power Systems, Inc, established in 1988, is an innovative company that specializes in power generation and power conversion equipment for industrial, commercial and communication applications. From concept through manufacturing, our staff has decades of experience in high reliability power equipment.

Propane DC Generator


This DC generator was developed for applications in the railroad market. With the ability to monitor and charge two isolated battery systems, it is perfect for backing up crossings and control locations. The single output versions have been used in solar/wind, backup and prime power applications in the rail, oil/gas and energy sectors. The generator’s fully automatic controls monitor the attached battery system and activate the generator when they are discharged. User adjustable settings provide for flexibility to configure the starting voltage, charging voltage and charging current.

  • 2.7 KW Propane DC Generator
  • Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine LP/NG
  • Aluminum, sound attenuated & tamper resistant enclosure
  • User adjustable settings
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • LCD status display
  • Permanent magnet alternator
  • Single or Dual; 12V/100A, 24V/100A, 48V/50A output

Propane Cylinder Cabinet
Designed by ARMS to accompany propane back-up generators in locations where propane delivery is prohibitive. The cylinders can be filled locally and be easily lifted into a hy-rail vehicle.

  • Up to 240# of capacity
  • Valve on each hose allows hot-swap
  • Automatic change-over regulator between shelves
concrete pad

Polymer Concrete Foundation Pad
Custom foundation pad sized for the dcCharger II or Propane Cylinder Cabinet.

  • Polymer concrete material withstands extreme weather and abuse
  • Naturally UV resistant
  • Cast from mold to insure consistent quality & sizing
Custom Generators

Contact ARMS for Custom Generators

Contact a member of the ARMS team if your application requires a customized build

  • Propane, natural gas or diesel generators
  • Customized output voltages
  • Automatic operations
  • Solar, telecom and rail applications