Automated Railroad Maintenance Systems, Inc. provides products and custom solutions for power, PTC, telecommunications, signals and locomotive electronics across North America to Class I, II, and III freight railroads, transit and commuter rail, OEMs, contractors, consultants and material integrators.

Operating since 1990, ARMS is recognized as an industry expert in communication systems, robust power solutions, electronics used by locomotive, communication and signal departments of rail companies, and system integration.

ARMS Partner Companies

ARMS distributes and makes use of the highest quality rugged products for rail applications from our contracted partners, and a select number of strategic companies. Our sales team and engineers work with the product experts inside our partner companies to select and deliver the optimal solution for each railroad application.

Connect with our team:

ARMS’s team members have an in-depth understanding of railroad customers’ needs, industry standards and product applications. Working with railroad personnel and their contracted groups, ARMS helps to devise and deliver the optimal solution for each need. To meet this objective, ARMS distributes only highest quality rugged products, and has a dedicated team of highly proficient engineers and technicians.