CalAmp Products for Rail Communications


From freight to passenger trains, today’s railroad systems increasingly rely on extensive communication networks to manage operations, enhance performance, improve safety and extend business process to a widely dispersed mobile workforce.

CalAmp’s innovative cellular and private wireless data solutions currently help manage approximately 9,000 locomotives equipped with communications systems and GPS devices.

Improve Safety

CalAmp offers wireless data solutions used for PTC, other train separation and collision avoidance systems, Hot Box and other Defect Detectors, codeline replacement, highway-rail grade crossing warning system monitoring, and many other safety-related applications.

Maintain Reliable Communication

Combining durability, reliability and functionality, our innovative multi-carrier broadband cellular routers and satellite communication solutions economically extend remote visibility to data intensive field assets and provide a mobile workforce with access to critical business applications. Our cellular routers can manage two cellular carriers, a primary and a backup, and when combined with our satellite communication solution for fallback, can provide for high system availability. Economically attaining near-100% coverage anywhere in North America is now feasible.

Track Assets

CalAmp’s computer-based management solutions allow railroads to monitor and coordinate the departure, movement and arrival of assets. You can also monitor highway-rail grade crossing warning system and manage trackside equipment via the public cellular network or satellite.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel is a railroad’s second-largest expense, behind staffing. CalAmp’s communications solutions enable railroads to measure and monitor fuel consumption instantaneously, anywhere—then take action to bring these costs down.


Viper SC+

IP Router for Licensed Spectrum

  • Highly secure, intelligent, rugged and versatile narrowband spectrum router
  • Up to 256 kbps speeds for fast, reliable delivery of business critical data
  • Highly-secure VLAN, designed to meet FIPS 140-2
  • Compatible with CalAmp’s DeviceOutlook


Phantom II

IP Radio Modem for License-free Spectrum

  • 902-928 MHz Operation, ISM band, unlicensed
  • Up to 1.2 Mbps wireless link rate
  • 2 serial com ports – 1 ethernet, 1 USB
  • Rx sensitivity of -108 dBm @ 345 Kbps; -97@ 1.2 Mbps
  • Supports P-P, P-MP & repeater topologies
  • Range up to 30+ miles @ 1.2 Mbps, up to 45+ miles @ 345 Kbps


High Speed Serial Connectivity for Remote Monitoring & Control

  • 136-174 MHz, 215-240 MHz, 406-512 MHz, and 928-960 MHz
  • 2 kbps in a 25 kHz channel
  • RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 compatible; simplex, half-duplex or full-duplex operation
  • 1-10 Watts (1-8 W MAS) continuous duty
  • 10-30 VDC wide range power supply

Gemini G3-UHF / G3-ADB

Mobile Data Modems for Private Networks

  • Patented – Parallel decode increases receive sensitivity in multi-path environments
  • HyperCode FEC maintains connectivity and throughput while in motion
  • Integrated GPS for AVL and for local mapping
  • Supports a mix of channel bandwidth 12.5, 25, 50 KHz
  • AES 128-bit data encryption for data and network security formats
Vanguard 3000

Vanguard 3000

Multi-Carrier 3G Cellular Router

  • Multi-network support allows for auto-failover to a secondary network
  • Two Ethernet 10/100, and one RS232 serial port for connection flexibility
  • GRE tunneling, local IP, Ipsec, VPN client and WAN gateways
  • Open development platform w/4MB flash partition for custom applications
  • SNPM management
  • Fully supported by CalAmp’s Device Management System
  • Optional GPS for AVL and local mapping
  • Optional Wi-Fi client and access point
CalAmp Fusion


Multi-Network LTE Router

  • Rugged PowerPC platform
  • 4G LTE router supports dual radio, multi-port routing
  • Supports dual LTE modules, WiFi and GPS, independent Ethernet ports, multi-WAN switching, I/O, IPSEC, VPN
  • LTE Modules B13/B17 with fallback to 3G, B12 (utilities), B14 (FirstNet)
  • Network adapter concept accommodates dual radio options and future technologies
  • Optional WiFi (802.11 b/g/n, AP and/or client)
  • Security (IPSec VPN, WPA-2/Enterprise)
  • SNMPv3 agent
  • MIL-STD-810F, UL

ITC 220 Mhz PTC Radios  for Locomotive, Wayside and Base Station

CalAmp’s line of ITC 220 radios for locomotive, base station and wayside applications are manufactured specifically for use by U.S. Railroads for Interoperable Positive Train Control applications.  Operating between 217.6 and 222.0 MHz, these multi-channel, software defined radios meet railroad requirements for Interoperable Train Control (ITC).

These radios allow communications between locomotives, base stations and wayside locations on any U.S. railroad that has deployed an ITC-compliant PTC system. The radios are designed to meet relevant railroad specifications for operation in the harshest environments. CalAmp’s ITC 220 radios provide reliable wireless packet data transport between locomotives, base stations and wayside locations.

ITC 220 Wayside
ITC 220 Wayside
ITC 220 Base Station
ITC 220 Base Station
ITC 220 Locomotive
ITC 220 Locomotive
CalAmp - Config & Management

DeviceOutlook for Network and Device Configuration & Management

Configuration Management

  • Track firmware versions in the field
  • Configure all devices at once from a central location
  • Use devices management options to schedule over-the-air firmware and configuration upgrades during noncritical periods

Remote Device Management

  • Locate mobile devices and monitor their state, condition and utilization
  • Manage both cellular and private radios from a single application

Reporting Capabilities

  • Improve audit and compliance with scheduled reports

API Integration

  • Manage devices, networks and users from a simple web-based interface
  • Customize event messaging and connect to enterprise applications like ERP, CRM and SAP systems