ARMS IoT Solutions

ARMS has developed crucial new products and selected top-performing partners to help railroads make IoT choices that are successful and productive for their business. With proven options and domain experts to help plan, deploy, and manage at scale, ARMS is quickly helping railroads and transits accomplish these goals:

  • harvest data from legacy devices
  • deploy new devices for monitoring, reporting, and tracking
  • create entirely new methods to collect, measure and share data
  • successfully transmit and deliver data to a node in the railroad’s network of choice
  • create rules that notify personnel of events
  • provide added protection and security for employees, assets, and goods

Ario, ARMS Remote I/O is an Industrial IoT Gateway with smart I/O to connect any equipment – new and legacy.  This provides railroads the means to monitor and report status of remote equipment to the back office, and to automate routine tests, improving safety and reliability.

With the ClearBlade Edge Platform, Ario accepts inputs and data protocols, performs edge computing, and backhauls the data via any communication path to the Back Office.

ClearBlade has created ClearRail to offer a simple and open solution for monitoring rail assets and reporting operational data. ClearRail allows railroads to manage assets dynamically and easily at any scale.

ARIO Sense

ArioSense is an array of advanced sensors that can help railroads monitor performance, automate testing, predict maintenance, and more. Powered with ClearBlade, railroads can create specific rules that enable data events to trigger notifications, alarms, or incident reports. Managers can share data discriminately across their enterprise.

ARIO Track

ArioTrack provides real-time tracking and monitoring of any asset type: container, cargo, inventory, tools, equipment, and more. ArioTrack devices are globally capable, work indoors and out, and feature a robust power management system.  ClearBlade’s IoT platform allows administrators to easily set up asset types, geographic areas, rules, events, and notifications.

Fluidmesh Logo

Fluidmesh brings broadband connectivity to sites and environments that are today too hard or large to connect, such as high-speed moving trains, large spans of rail wayside, distributed infrastructures, and environments with complex connectivity. The flexibility of the Fluidmesh license-free broadband wireless system makes it cost effective and extremely fast to employ. Proven proprietary technology makes Fluidmesh the unchallenged leader in successful wireless connectivity on-board, wayside-to-vehicle, and intra-train.


MultiTech modems, endpoints, routers, and gateways are designed for long life cycles, extended temperature ranges, hardened, low cost connectivity. Today, railroads are already utilizing MultiTech products for End of Train, Positive Train Control, Black Box and ACC, and Wayside Applications. MultiTech offers devices with connectivity options that include cellular, LoRaWAN, and CBRS private LTE OnGo.


PCTEL’s purpose-built antennas deliver reliable, high performance wireless connectivity. Their antenna system engineering capabilities provide expertise in design, testing, and manufacturing of antenna farms, antenna arrays, multi-element embedded antennas, and other complex antenna systems needed for wayside and on-board rail applications.

Piper Networks is an innovative IT solutions provider and systems integrator with transportation industry expertise. The company’s experience with on-board systems integration and thorough understanding of ultra-wideband (UWB) and other technologies makes them uniquely qualified to help transits improve signaling systems and alert workers in the path of an approaching train.


PolyPhaser and Transtector provide high-quality RF, AC, DC, EMP, and data signal surge protection solutions to help ensure safe, secure network operation, reduce downtime, minimize site visits, and decrease equipment replacement costs.

PolyPhaser is the rail industry leader in reliable RF surge protection, filtering, and grounding, and offers patented DC block, DC pass, and ultra-low PIM RF filter technologies. With more than 50 years of surge protection experience, Transtector is the market driver in silicon diode, MOV and hybrid surge technologies.

Cambium Networks

ARMS offers Cambium Networks licensed and unlicensed wireless radio technology below 1 GHz and above 6 GHz for video, voice and data communications.

Material Kitting

ARMS kitting projects are tailored to specific customer requirements and include everything needed for successful on-site installations – parts, cables, hardware, tools, and instructions. To further reduce handling and save time, the qualified ARMS team can complete integration, wiring and assembly of some materials before kitting.