Plug Power – Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Back Up Power

Plug Power

Plug Power’s suite of highly reliable GenSure hydrogen fuel cell solutions provide ample backup power to cover power outages up to four weeks without refueling. This protracted period keeps rail workers safe and trains moving during the worst weather conditions from ice storms, tornadoes, floods or hurricanes. They also provide power in remote locations where access is difficult in normal condition.

Proven efficient for rail applications:

  • Highly reliable
  • Extremely low maintenance requirements
  • Not prone to theft or vandalism
  • Almost no sound when operating
  • Can be monitored remotely
  • Covers power outages up to 4 weeks without refueling

Current rail applications include:

  • Crossings
  • Wayside Signals
  • PTC Base Stations
  • Defect Detectors
  • Slide Fence Locations
  • Yard Applications (i.e. RCL, cameras)
  • Solar-Hybrid Powered Sites
  • Communications AEI Sites
Gensure E200

GENSURE E-200™ Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Designed specifically for small-scale backup power applications, the E-200 fuel cell system increases the site reliability for critical equipment while affordably providing hundreds of hours of highly reliable runtime between refueling visits.

  • Remote monitoring & system configuration capability
  • 200W (16.6A @ 12V / 8.3A @ 24V / 5.5A @ 36V / 4.1A @ 48V)
  • 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 VDC nominal – field-selectable
  • -40°C…50°C operating temperature in hardened outdoor cabinet

Plug Power offers multiple outdoor cabinet configurations scaled to provide the flexibility needed for a variety of smaller backup power requirements.

6-Cyl Cabinet E200

E-200 6-Cylinder Enclosure

  • 54kWh of hydrogen fuel storage
  • Can house up to three E-200 fuel cell chassis’
3-Cylinder Gensure cabinet

E-200 3-Cylinder Enclosure

  • 8kWh of hydrogen fuel storage
  • Can house up to two E-200 fuel cell chassis’