Eltek Power Solutions for North America Railroads


Eltek offers a broad range of high efficiency DC power systems for operational communications. They are based on cutting-edge power conversion technology, are highly efficient, reliable and safe.

Modularity equals scalability – a modular system is future proof as new modules can be added and systems dimensioned to the requirements in question. Within a single stand-alone system, various combinations of uninterruptible supplies, required each for different load, are possible. One modular system, with one battery backup and one controller, catering for several applications and voltage levels, will obviously save a lot of space compared to several smaller systems with duplicated functions.

Eltek systems are very flexible, with many options for system configurations (both hardware- and software-wise). Simplified and less costly maintenance is another advantage. The modular system architecture with several modules sharing the load means modules can be hot-swapped, swiftly, with no disturbance to operation. Continuity of supply is also inherent to the switch-mode and modular technology: redundancy is realized by one or more modules, according to specific customer needs

Another important aspect Eltek systems is their ability to be controlled, not only the individual power system itself and locally, but several systems from one remote terminal.

ARMS provides systems integration with Eltek systems.

Unity Flatpack2

Versatile and powerful solution for any application. The combination of high efficiency, power density and reliability makes the Unity Power System a product family that truly stands out provides unparalleled network availability.

  • 48Vdc, 250A to 640A options
  • 24Vdc, 600A options
  • 4 to 12 Flatpack2 HE rectifier position options
  • Smartpack S Controller
  • 21-Position Plug-in breaker distribution (19″)
  • 19″ / 23″ Rackmount
Micropack System

The Micropack’s versatile, modular design offers functionality options to match any requirements. It is available in DIN rail, rack or wall-mount configuration.

  • 85…300Vac Input Voltage
  • Rectifiers; 12V/10A, 24V/10A, 48V/5A
  • Rectifiers can also operate as DC-DC converters
  • DIN rail mount
  • Hot swappable rectifier and controller modules
  • Web/SNMP Compack Controller
Flatpack S 48V 1U

Increasing network speed demands flexible and expandable DC power solutions. Due to its small size, high efficiency, reliability and wide range of communication, the Flatpack S System is the key for future needs.

  • 1U height / 19″ rackmount
  • Up to 100A
  • Smartpack S controller
  • Battery & load distribution
  • Hot swappable controller & rectifiers
Eltek Flatpack2 Integrated 2U
Flatpack2 Integrated 2U

The Integrated 19″ 2U power supply is built around the Flatpack2 rectifier and designed for applications such as switchgear, telecom, emergency lighting and alarm systems.

  • Bulk feed output
  • Four Flatpack2 HE rectifier positions
  • Smartpack2 Touch Controller
  • 85…300Vac input / 24…125Vdc output systems
  • 2U / 19″ Rackmount