Canadus - Advanced Battery Desulfation Technology

Safe, proven and patented technology that combats electrical battery failure:

  • Extends battery life by 50-100%, or more
  • Maintain peak battery voltage over the life of the battery
  • Minimize battery watering frequency
  • Eliminate sulfation problems – primary reason for battery failure and deterioration

Patented Technology  US Patent No.5,648,714
Canadus battery energizers use exclusive High-Frequency Battery Energizing (HFBE) Technology to reverse and prevent sulfation.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use
Canadus battery energizers are equipped with ring-type terminals that can be attached to any battery or charger in minutes; no special tools are required. When batteries are charging, Canadus battery energizers draw energy from the charger (DC side) and automatically work to keep the battery plates clean.

Proven Results
Over time, and without exception, sulfation will reduce the performance and life of every lead-acid battery. Canadus battery energizers have been successfully used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial lead-acid applications for over eight years. Results have been proven in independent, controlled trials and operational situations.

Symptoms of Sulfation

  • Higher temperatures charging and discharging
  • Shorter running times of battery powered equipment
  • Electrolyte specific gravity decreases
  • Cold cranking amps output is reduced
  • Charge acceptance is slower and less efficient
  • Increased terminal corrosion and water loss
  • Increased generation of sulfuric acid mist
Active Sponge Lead
Recovered active sponge lead
Heavily Sulfated
Heavily sulfated inactive plate

Guaranteed to Perform
Canadus’ technology comes with an impressive performance guarantee for first-time purchasers and a 5-year full replacement warranty. ISO 9002 manufactured.



Locomotive Battery Desulfator

  • 32V & 64V
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Operating Temperature: -45°…+85°C
  • Green LED indicator
  • M10 (3/8″) ring terminals


Signal, Telecom & Solar Battery Desulfator

  • 12V & 24V
  • Green LED Indicator
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Operating Temperature -45°…+85°C
  • M10 (3/8″) ring terminals