CorrSolve – Superior Corrosion and Intrusion Prevention

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Corr-Cut Gaskets
Die-cut polyurethane with aluminum carrier creates 100% seal plus electrical bonding.

Corr-Flow Watertight Sealant
Fills gaps and voids to create flexible, watertight seal. Self-leveling. Removable.

Corr-Spray Coating
Transparency allows inspection of protected surfaces. Highly durable. Removable.

Corr-Form Watertight Sealant
Durable, UV-resistant, fast-curing. Seal perimeters/gaps. Stop edge fraying.

Corr-Seal Gel Sealant, 1 or 2 sided
Fiberglass carrier. For moisture-proofing irregular surfaces; abrasion resistance.

Corr-Wrap Gel-Tape Sealant
Stretchable. UV resistant. For connectors, irregular surfaces, reduce vibrations.

Corr-Pro-X Thixoflex Sealant
Watertight injectable. Apply at any angle. Offered with rodent/insect repellant.