EMI Products – Towers, Platforms and Foundations


EMI sells to railroads a wide array of towers, platforms and foundations. It is their success in providing unique solutions for the most challenging terrains that has set them apart from others. From raised platforms over swamps or flood-prone areas, structures that hang along cliff sides, to towers that tilt into tightly cramped areas or over other existing equipment, EMI has found a solution for almost every obstacle imaginable and continues to invite new challenges.

EMI Products and services are represented direct to the rail industry by TPSC (Transportation Products Sales Company). Contact TPSC (www.TPSCrail.com) or EMI (http://www.emiproductsllc.com/) for more information.

When railroads assign to ARMS a large system integration project that includes towers, platforms or foundations, the ARMS team is proud to specify and sell EMI products as part of the total ARMS solution.

EMI - Antenna hillside
EMI antenna mounting
EMI Foundation
EMI house platform