ClearRF cellular signal amplifiers enhance signal strength to cellular router and then back to tower. Patented RF fail-over technology, and auto gain and oscillation control.

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ClearRF M2M over cellular

WRE5500-S In-Line Signal Amplifier

Designed specifically for M2M/IoT applications and for areas with poor network signal strength. The WRE5500-S enhances signal strength to a cellular router and then back to the tower, ensuring reliable end to end telemetry over cellular.


The POC is an accessory for the WRE5500-S 4G Cellular Amplifier. The POC transmits both power and RF signal through coax to enable the WRE5500-S to be installed where access to direct power is not available; near a yagi on a pole, in an attic or crawlspace.



  • Tethers in-line with a cellular router, modem, module, alarm panel
  • Enhances 4G, LTE, with 3G & 2G fall-back
  • Designed for mission-critical M2M/ IoT applications
  • Bi-directional – Enhances signals to and from the cell tower


  • Patented Passive RF Bypass Fail-over: A fail-safe that ensure network connectivity during loss of power or when signal strength is good.
  • Patented Auto Gain & Oscillation Control: This feature ensures signal strength consistency and power output reliability to the tethered device.
  • Minimal Power Consumption @ 12VDC: 275mA @ stand-by/ 1A @ max power
  • Variable power input ranges: +8.0 to 32.0 VDC

WRE5500-S PATENTED RF Fail-Over Technology

The Passive RF Bypass is a fail-safe that enables the WRE5500-S to become a passive antenna in the event the amp loses power or when the ambient signal strength good. The Passive Bypass enables the tethered device to use the amps system antenna to remain connected to the network.