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Quick Charge has been manufacturing quality chargers in the U.S.A. for over 30 years. We control all processes in-house
including circuit board design and assembly, sheet metal fabrication, and transformer winding.



Portable Chargers

General Purpose Industrial Charger.
Set the internal dip switch to charge AGM, deep cycle wet cells, gels, and starting batteries.

• Switch LCD display from Volt to Amps
• Tri-color LED follows charge progress
• 3 year warranty

Portable Charger


On-Board Battery Chargers

These small & compact battery chargers
are totally enclosed resist the effects of a
harsh environment and with no internal
moving parts the unit is vibration resistant.

• Water Resistant - totally enclosed
& sealed
• Small & compact
• One easy LED charge indicator

On-Board Charger



One touch programming allows these chargers to charge deep cycle, wet
starting, gel, and AGM batteries with precision.

• Digitally displays % of charge and
battery voltage
• Current limited and reverse polarity protected
• Real ambient temperature compensated float voltage



Series Multi-Charger

Designed to charge any combination of
6, 12, or 24 volt batteries in series up to a
total of 60 cells. The 6 amp model has an automatic range switching circuit to detect the number of batteries connected.

• Polarity protected
• Power is not present in clamps until connected properly
• Current output is infinitely adjustable

Series-Multi Charger


The Octopus

The Octopus is a portable or shelf type
charger with (10), 12 volt, 6 amp
independent circuits. Batteries in different states of discharge can be connected,
and each will receive the proper charge.
No over or under charging.

• Individual tri-color LED's to indicate
charge status
• Polarity protected
• Rugged design

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Parallel Charger

This charger is designed with maximum flexibility. The adjustable current control means it can charge groups of wet cell's, AGM's, or gel batteries requiring as little
as one amp each or put as much as 50 amps into one battery.

• Adjustable voltage control
• Equipped with amp meter & digital voltmeter
• Heavy duty transformer and rectifiers

Parallel Charger


84 Hubble Drive, Suite 500, O'Fallon, MO 63368
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