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Midtronics offers professional battery analysis tools for a variety of industrial/stationary power applications. From the
smallest 1.2 ampere hour VRLA to 6000 Ah flooded cells, Midtronics can provide equipment for effective battery assessment.

Conductance Technology
Conductance describes the ability of a battery to conduct current. It is a measurement of the plate surface available in a battery for chemical
reaction, which determines how much power the battery can supply. High relative conductance is a reliable indication of a healthy battery, while conductance declines as the battery deteriorates.

Years of laboratory and field test data have determined that battery conductance is an indicator of battery state-of-health showing
a linear correlation to a battery's timed-discharge capacity test result. If conductance can be measured, discharge capacity can be predicted, giving a reliable predictor of battery end-of-life.

Other testing alternatives like voltage and specific gravity testing are not predictive. Timed discharge testing is very time-consuming and expensive, and impedance testing does not correlate directly and linearly with discharge capacity. Thus, conductance testing is a very effective and economical battery management tool.


Celltron Ultra

Universal Stationary Battery Analyzer

The Celltron Ultra helps technicians
with advanced analysis tools and
data management capabilities all in a package designed for universal
applications, regardless of system configuration.

• Up to 500 string locations of 480
test results can be stored internally.
• Digital Multi-meter allow for the measurement of AC&DC Voltage
and current.

Celltron Ultra

Celltron Advanced

Stationary Battery String Analyzer

The Celltron Advanced is the Ultimate
tool for stationary battery management.
Research proven technology and
field-tested design make it a must for
critical power maintenance.

• Up to 16 string locations of 480 test
results can be stored internally.
• Portable wireless printing & PC data
• Reduced testing time.

Celltron Advanced


Celltron Essential

Stationary Battery String Analyzer

The Celltron Essential provides the
key test features used for stationary
battery applications and makes it
easier to perform quick battery

• Up to 480 consecutive test results
can be stored internally
• +2% test range accuracy
• Reverse polarity protection

Celltron Essential



SCP 6/12

Battery Conductance Tester

The Midtronics SCPr provides a simple method to screen the state-of-health of popularly sized 6 volt and 12 volt sealed lead-acid batteries.

• 6 and 12 V nominal batteries from 1.2 to approxiametly 55 Ah in capacity
• 20 - 1200 Siemen range
• +6.0 to + 14.0 Vdc voltmeter

SCP 6-12

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