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Canadus Power Systems is the world's leading supplier of Advanced Desulfation Technology. Our patented Canadus battery energizers revitalize and extend the useful life of lead-acid batteries by preventing and reversing the sulfation process, the number one cause of battery failure.
Innovative Canadus Advanced Desulfation Technology
can save thousands of dollars in battery replacement and electrical system maintenance costs, and can dramatically improve worker and equipment productivity. Canadus battery energizers are made for a wide range of commercial and industrial lead-acid battery applications and markets worldwide.

By pulsing current at very high frequency and high amplitude, Canadus Advanced Desulfation Technology overcomes the activation
energy necessary to destabilize lead sulfate. Sulfuric acid is re-formed, bringing the battery back to “like new” condition.

The following series of four photomicrographs, all shown at 550X magnification, illustrates the conversion of a fresh,
active battery plate to a heavily sulfated inactive plate, and its transformation back to an active plate after using
Canadus Advanced Desulfation Technology.


Picture 1 shows an acive,
new lead sponge battery

Picture 2 shows a battery
plate that has been coated by dense, hardened, crytaline
lead sulfate. Notice that no
lead sponge is visible.

Picture 3 shows the partial recovery of a heavily sulfated plate following Canadus use.
The size of the lead sulfate crystals is decreased, and the crystals are pitted as they are destroyed.

Picture 4 shows the final recovery of the plate to active sponge lead.

Easy To Use

Canadus battery energizers are available in 12 volt and 24 volt models for Stationary power batteries and in a 32 volt and 64 volt model for locomotive battery applications. The CBE is easily installed in minutes; no special tools are required.

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